Serving times:

Monday – Saturday: 12pm-9pm (12pm-8pm bank holidays)
Sundays: 12pm-8pm – Please click here to see our Sunday menu

Spring and Summer Menu


£6 each

Soup of the Day – Homemade soup served with a crusty mini loaf (V, VG, GFO)

Houmous – Authentic stone baked flatbread with rapeseed oil, and houmous (V, VG, GFO)

Mixed Italian Olives – Ciabatta bread, virgin olive oil, and balsamic glaze (V, VG, GFO)


British Tapas

£6 each or 3 for £15

Tapas are a wide variety of appetisers/snacks in Spanish cuisine, patrons of tapas can order many different tapas and can be combine them to make a meal, we serve ours with a British twist.


Crispy Breaded Whitebait
Deep Fried Somerset Brie (V, GF)
BBQ chicken Wings (GF)
Sausage and Onion Rings Slow Roasted Pork Belly Bites (GF)
Pork Ribs (GF)
Cheesy Nachos with Salsa (V, GF) Homemade Fishcake (GF)
Beetroot Falafels (VG, GF)
Homemade Scotch Egg (GF)
Butterflied Garlic Prawn (GFO) Smoked Salmon Pate (GFO)

Chutneys: Apple and Ale, Red Onion, Mango, or Spiced Pear Tomato

Others: Piccalilli, Horseradish, Mustard Mayonnaise, BBQ Sauce, Aioli, or Tartare. (One per dish, additional chutneys or others £1 each). 


Main Course

Chicken Kiev: Chicken breast and garlic butter coated in panko crumbs, with salad garnish, and skin-on fries (GF) £16

8oz Cotswold Beef Burger: Swan relish, bacon, cheddar cheese, red slaw, and skin-on fries (GFO) £15

Vegan Burger: Lentils, carrots, spring onions, garlic, cumin, vegan cheese, red slaw, and skin-on fries (V, VG, GFO) £14

Griddled Chicken Burger: Swan relish, bacon, cheddar cheese, red slaw, and skin-on fries (GFO) £15

Pork and Leek Sausages: Local butcher’s sausages with creamy mash, gravy, and seasonal vegetables (GF) £15

Beer Battered Fish: White fish in beer batter, served with skin-on fries and buttered peas (GFO) £15

Whitby Scampi: Blend of scampi and white fish in crisp breadcrumbs served with skin-on fries and peas £14

Chef’s Homemade Pie: Homemade pie with creamy mash, chef’s gravy, and seasonal vegetables £15

Homemade Cottage Pie: Minced beef served with creamy mash, chef’s gravy, and seasonal vegetables (GF)  £14

Homemade Vegetable or Beef Lasagne: With garlic ciabatta bread, house salad, and red slaw (V, GFO) £14

Lamb or Cauliflower Goan Curry: Medium Goan curry served with poppadoms, rice, and flatbread (V, VG, GFO) £16

Homemade Beef or Bean Chilli: Minced beef or beans cooked in spices, with rice and corn chips (V, VG, GF) £15

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine: Aromatic dish of vegetables, herbs, spices, and couscous (V, VG, GFO) £15

Ham, Eggs, Chips, and Peas: Wiltshire ham, two free range eggs, skin-on fries, and garden peas (GF) £14




Manhattan Stack – A rich chocolate truffle and sponge dessert with flavours of toffee and caramel, with a vanilla cream. £6.95 (V)

Sticky Toffee Pudding – Homemade Syrup Sponge with dates & toffee sauce served with vanilla ice cream. £6.95 (V)

Homemade Treacle Tart – Served with salted caramel ice-cream. £6.50 (V)

Homemade Banana Fritters – Lightly battered and fried and served with vanilla ice-cream and maple syrup. £6.50 (V, VGO)

Black Forest Trifle – Homemade rich chocolate sponge, black cherries, and fresh cream flavoured with kirsch. £6.95 (V, GF)

Ice Cream Selection – Ask us about today’s flavours. £6.50  (V, VGO, GF).

Cheese Board – 3 English cheeses served with a selection of savoury biscuits and chutney. £8.50 (V, GFO)

Churros – A sweet and crispy fried dough dusted with cinnamon sugar, served with chocolate sauce £6.50. (V)

Sandwiches and Jacket Potatoes

Served from 12-3pm Monday-Saturday. Add fries for an extra £2


On brown or white bloomer bread. Gluten free bread available.

Home cooked ham and cheddar cheese with a fruit chutney £5.50

Mature Cheddar cheese and red onion salad £5.00

Coronation chicken, spices, mayonnaise and mango chutney £7.50

Smoked salmon with dill and crème fraiche dressing £8.50

Vegan cheese with spiced pear and grape chutney £6.00


Oven Baked Jacket Potatoes

Baked beans and mature Cheddar cheese £7.50

Coronation chicken, spices, mayonnaise and mango chutney £8.50

Smoked salmon with dill and crème fraiche dressing £8.50

 Beef chilli or Bean chilli topped with sour cream and chives £7.50


From The Grill

All steaks come with skin-on fries, mushrooms, tomato, onion rings and a choice of sauce. Rump steaks are cooked to your liking.

10oz Rump Steak £24

20oz Mixed Grill: Rump, gammon, and pork loin steaks with sausage, lamb chop, and a free-range egg £26

10oz Gammon Steak with free range eggs £18

Tuna Steak – Pink in the middle with new potatoes, broccoli stems & a Mediterranean sauce on the side £20 

Sauces- Mushroom, Red Wine, Port & Stilton, Peppercorn, Béarnaise sauce (additional sauces £4)



House Salad £10, Grilled Chicken £16, Grilled Tuna Steak £16, Grilled Halloumi £14, Grilled Rump Steak £18.

Comes with mixed salad leaves, tomatoes, peppers, red onion, boiled egg, new potato with a dressing of your choice: Blue cheese, French dressing, Caesar dressing, Balsamic glaze, or salad cream.  



Fries £3.50, Cheesy fries £4.50, Sweet Potato Fries £4.50, House Salad £3, Seasonal Veg £3.50, Garlic bread £3.50, Onion rings £3.50.


Children’s Menu

1 Course: £5, 2 Courses: £7, 3 Courses: £9




Garlic Bread
Vegetable Plate
Sausage and Mash
Tomato Pasta
Fish Fingers
Beef Burger
Chicken Nuggets
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Banana Fritter
Ice Cream


Jam Jar Sundaes £7.50

Forest Fruits – Berry compote, vanilla vegan ice cream, whipped plant-based cream and topped with chocolate topping. (VG, GF)

White Chocolate Treat – Whipped cream, raspberry and white chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, white chocolate and a 99 flake. (V, GF)

Biscoff Caramel – Biscoff and chocolate sauce, crushed Biscoff, biscuits vegan vanilla ice cream and Biscoff biscuit. (VG)

Banoffee ice cream – Toffee and chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, topped with sliced banana, and a 99 flake. (V, GF)

Five Chocolate Treat – Whipped Cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream, topped with Malteser, chocolate cookie and a 99 flake. (V)

Chocolate Brownie & Raspberry – Homemade rich chocolate brownie with fresh raspberries, raspberry coulis, and fresh cream (V, GF)


Whilst we strive to ensure that all of our guests are catered for, should you have any dietary requirements, please speak with a member of the team who will assist you with your choices. We cannot guarantee that there are no traces of nuts in some of our dishes. Many of our dishes and salads are finished with a dressing and/or balsamic vinegar. If you would prefer for these to not be added, please tell a member of staff.